We have a number of forms, checklists, etc., which we provide to our clients. Please feel free to download and/or copy them as appropriate - especially if a hard copy was not received or cannot be found. All of the forms are provided in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. This is a cross-platform format that requires the Acrobat Reader, which may already be loaded on your system as it is very common. If you do not have it yet, it is available for free at Adobe's websiteDownload Adobe Acrobat Reader.


Engagement letter:

Engagement letter for individuals, US - tax work only

Engagement letter for gift tax returns

Engagement letter for individuals, Canada - tax work only

Engagement letter for US non-residents

Engagement letter for trusts - tax work only

Engagement letter for non-individuals - tax work only (corporations, partnerships, non-profits, etc.)



US foreign account disclosure notice

Canadian foreign account disclosure notice

Individuals: US tax preparation checklist

Individuals: special Vermont tax preparation checklist

Individuals: Canadian tax preparation checklist

Business Entities (all types): tax preparation checklist

Fiduciary Tax return checklist