I have used these folks for 15 years or so, for everything from my Dad's estate to my (complex) taxes to advice on various transactions. Over that time they have earned my trust and I do less and less "pre-processing" - I now give them the raw data and ask them to use their best judgement. I trust them to the point that when we were out of the country for 18 months, we asked them to receive all our bills and handle our finances. Knock on wood, I have never in all that time found even a small error in any of their work (I would certainly understand an occasional error, but that's how lucky I've been). They are extremely honest and conscientious - if you want to take every shady deduction you can, these are not your people. But if you want to sleep at night knowing it's been done right, then highly recommended.
- Lead Partner. Technology management company.
Herrick has handled all of my business and personal accounting for over a decade. They have been flawless and have earned my trust. What I really appreciate is the advice they offer though - for taxes, accounting and general business. Plus they're extremely nice to work with and are always responsive. I highly recommend.          
-Owner. Real estate developer.
Over 20 years of great advice, prompt service and accuracy. -Client
You make taxes almost pleasant. -Client
Like having a GPS to guide you through the tax landscape. -Client