Charitable Giving

Charitable giving is about making a positive impact.  Through your actions, you have the power to leave a meaningful legacy for your family, your community and the world.  Do you wish to instill and encourage philanthropy in generations of your descendants?  Would you like find the right way to honor an organization?  Looking for help deciding what is the best way to use your resources in the way that will help others?  We’ll work with you to make sure that your objectives become reality.  You’ll see that charitable giving can be so much more than simply writing a check.  We can help you to realize your dreams, and in doing so we’ll consider the ways the tax code can help you to do well while doing good

At HerrickGlobal, we work closely with our clients to find qualified charities that matter to them. 

For more information on charitable contributions, and how we can help, schedule a consultation today.