Owning Property Abroad

In many cases, owning a home or rental property abroad can sensible choice, but it is often one of the biggest financial decisions a person will make. As such, it is not a choice to be made lightly or without some careful thought. This is particularly important for US citizens, who are taxed not only by their country of residence, but also by the United States on all their global assets and income. Allow our advisors to help guide you through the many considerations you will face, such as: 

  • Purchasing a principal residence or rental property abroad;
  • Selling your home or rental property overseas;
  • Currency fluctuations and the effect on taxes;
  • Foreign mortgages;
  • Various forms of ownership structures;

At HerrickGlobal, we can give you peace of mind that comes with knowing you won't face the unknown alone. Our highly trained advisors can handle all your tax filing needs quickly and efficiently. Schedule an appointment today - we look forward to meeting you!